K&N - Service and Quality That Comes To You.


Dan Birgelaitis

Territory: North Texas    Start Date: September, 2012

I had a 34-year career in the Pharmaceutical or “Big Pharma” industry. The last 25+ years were with GlaxoSmithKline in the capacity of Institutional District Manager, Senior Manager of Sector Operations and Director of Market Development for CNS products.

Responsible for the Management and Development of a Regional Business, simply speaking. Key Opinion and Thought leader development (= Customer Development) and Management of the Marketing and Sales activities to grow the business.

Serious consideration and research for approximately a year prior to beginning K&N Franchise.

With a working template already in place, less risk plus attractive start-up investment.

Excellent Business Model for Success. 2nd generation Family Business with long-term employee Support Team and Loyalty. Excellent Work/Family Priorities and Business Culture cultivated and developed by Jerry and Curtis Nelson. Good People plus the Affordability and Business Support Programs.

Curtis and Jerry Nelson. Excellent Management with a Tried and True, Simple Template for Success.

My training was one week of classroom and covered all of the basics. The follow-up Field Support provided is crucial to early Success and Confidence. Some areas could use additional time and practice, particularly the computer, daily business applications and data interpretation/utilization.

Instilling Trust and Confidence – Establishing Credibility from Day One Separating K&N from the pack through Quality and Excellent Service “At-Your-Door”

Targeting of Highest Potential Businesses in Prospecting efforts

“Partnering” with your Customers to make their job of Parts Inventory Management a breeze!

Walk the Talk – Be there when they need you most

Establishing Friendships and Partnerships in a short time, not merely a prompt delivery service.

Very gratifying to be your own boss. Success limited only by your level of commitment.

Steady growth curve from month one to month six. Confidence and Enjoyment level Growing with Success. Home Office Support when you need it. My Success is K&N’s Success. TOTAL COMMITMENT TO MY SUCCESS BY CURTIS AND JERRY NELSON. A Positive Experience To-Date

They enjoy our well-stocked and organized retail parts store on wheels. They appreciate my willingness and desire to help them problem-solve as well as provide them unparalleled Personal Service. Many appreciate the Entrepreneurial Spirit of the K&N Franchise and like to support it. More than just dollars and cents / nuts ‘n’ bolts.

A Proven Concept, History of Success/Track Record coupled with a Vision for the Future within the Franchise Operation. A Support Team of Multi-Taskers truly committed to Our Success. Excellent Business and Personal Priorities/Values that Motivate and Encourage the entire Team.

Quite Simply, build the business to either a point of further expansion or sale, depending upon my financial needs. This is part of my Retirement Plan. Semi-retirement with continued involvement in the business at some point in the future are appealing to me.

K&N is clearly one of the Best Values in a Start-Up Franchise with well-thought-out programs to reduce upfront costs. This 2nd generation family business has withstood the test of time with an excellent reputation for Quality, Value and particularly, Personalized Service. The Professional and Personal Values and Priorities of owners Jerry and Curtis Nelson set the tone for the entire organization and Corporate Culture.