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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers, of Course)

Training is a important element of success. Along with a five-day training course in our corporate headquarters, we will provide in-the-field training for 11 days during your first six weeks in business.

Yes, the K&N uniform is an important part of establishing our brand, and it shows our clients we are committed to professionalism. Our uniform consists of khaki-style pants and a shirt with the K&N logo on it.

No. You can operate out of your own home.

Other than yourself, no additional employees are required.

Probably not. You will lease or buy a truck that meets K&N specifications.

Not in most states, but you will need a DOT Medical card.

No. Our training program will educate you on all the products.

Check out our FTC Item 19 Earnings Claim. As with any business, hard work and dedication tend to pay off.

The typical total start-up cost is around $70,000 (including $10,000 in working capital).