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Personal Business Coach

K&N Mobile - Personal Business Coach

Meet the Coaches with the Perfect Game

All K&N Mobile franchisees enjoy access to personal business coaching from two of our top salespeople, Don Huckeba and Tom Chadwick.

With their insights and experience, you can grow your business and deliver exceptional service from Day 1.

Don Huckeba

Don joined K&N Electric directly after completing his college studies in 1980 and has been with us ever since. In recognition of his three decades of service to the company, Don received his 30-Year Service Award in 2010. His many other honors include twin Highest Monthly Sales Records (in 2000 and 2006) and a record 10 “Top Dog” awards for achieving the highest annual sales volumes. In addition to all of these remarkable achievements, Don was inducted into the prestigious “Million Dollar Club” in 1999 for reaching $1 million in total commissions.

Don believes that the most rewarding part of being a mentor is “seeing a Franchisee after he watches me convert a prospect into a customer. There is this eye-opening moment where he goes ‘oh I get it.’ Then I have the opportunity to watch him put what he has learned into action.”

Tom Chadwick

Before becoming part of the K&N Electric team in 1982, Tom worked in the mechanical department for Southern Pacific Railroad and as a mechanic for an asphalt paving company. The work ethic he learned in those occupations has served him well during his K&N tenure, propelling him to more than $1 million in commissions and awards for Outstanding Sales Achievement and Outstanding New Account Production.

Like Don, he recently received his 30-Year Service Award. Being a mentor allows Tom to “share ideas and strategies learned and proven over time with someone interested in the same type of service-oriented business.”