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Anti-Seize Comp Copper 8oz. Brush Top Bottle

Sold in sets of 1

Dynatex® Copper Anti-Seize is a heavy-duty, economical industrial anti-seize and lubricating paste containing very finely divided metallic particles in a special no-melt petroleum base grease. Dynatex® Copper Anti-Seize leaves a protective film that seals and protects metal parts even under the most extreme conditions of heat, pressure, steam, and water exposure.

• Protects against corrosion between dissimilar metals • Resists water, salt solution, most shop and automotive fluids • Prevents carbon fusion and seizure to 2000°F • Provides good electrical conductivity
• Spark plug threads installed into aluminum heads • Exhaust manifold and engine bolts • Oxygen sensors • Knock sensors • Thermostat housing bolts • Fuel filter fittings • Battery cable connections

Dynatex® Copper Anti-Seize was designed as a preventative maintenance tool providing complete parts protection on threaded fittings and all metal surfaces subjected to harsh environments or high temperatures to +20000F. Dynatex® Copper Anti-Seize was formulated to fit a wide variety of automotive, marine, construction, and farm equipment applications.