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Anti-Seize Comp Nickel 8oz. Brush Top Bottle

Sold in sets of 1

Dynatex® Nickel Anti-Seize is a heavy-duty anti-seize and lubricating paste containing a balanced blend of pure nickel and graphite, homogenized into a semi-synthetic, non-melting, grease base. Dynatex® Nickel Anti-Seize does not contain any sulfur, lead, copper, halogens, or clay fillers. Dynatex® Nickel Anti-Seize leaves a protective film that seals and protects metal parts, even under the most extreme condition of heat, corrosive, and acidic environments.

• Contains no lead or copper • Protects to 2000°F • Prevents galling and seizing • Acid resistance • Waterproof • Prevents rust and corrosion • Prevents carbon fusion • Non-melting

Dynatex® Nickel Anti-Seize was designed as a preventative maintenance tool to provide complete parts protection on threaded fittings and all metal surfaces subjected to harsh environments or high temperatures to 20000F (14270C). It is recommended for use in applications, which prohibit the presence of copper. Dynatex® Nickel Anti-Seize was formulated to fit a wide variety of applications found in chemical and petrochemical plants, steel mills, and power generating facilities.

A few such examples include: • Manifold Studs • Pipe Fittings • Heat Exchangers • Furnace Hinges • Tailpipe assemblies • Burner Tips • Casting Equipment • Catalytic converter assemblies