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Brake & Caliper Lube 8oz. Brush Top Bottle

Sold in sets of 1

Dynatex® Brake & Caliper Lubricant is multipurpose, high performance, bentone thickened grease, that exhibits superior high temperature stability. This grease has been formulated with fine particle size graphite, for high as well as low speed bearings. Dynatex® Brake & Caliper Lubricant is fortified with additives to resist oxidation and rust. It provides protection as a high temperature anti-seize and extreme pressure lubricant. It stops corrosion galling and seizing between metal parts.

• Multi-purpose • High temperature 1600°+ • Resists oxidation and rust • Extends wear and prevents galling • Allows easy disassembly

Dynatex® Brake & Caliper Lubricant can be used as a lubricant, a break-in lubricant or tapping compound on plastics as well as metals. Not for use on rubber, as it could have a swelling effect over time. Surfaces are best cleaned before application as grit or low quality oil/grease may be present and best performance is required. The reduction in assembly friction increases torque tension by about 20%. Use on: • Threaded parts • Bushings • Gears • Valve stems • Heat exchanger • Gasket release agent • Manifold bolts • Chains, sprockets, levers, hinges, pivots and rollers