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Penetrating Oil 16oz. Aerosol Can

Sold in sets of 1

Dynatex® Penetrating Oil is a multi-purpose light oil formula designed to assist in the separation and disassembly of rusted and corroded mechanical assemblies for automotive, industrial and marine maintenance repair. Dynatex® Penetrating Oil quickly penetrates the bond of oxidized metals and loosens the surfaces with a thin lubricating film and was primarily designed for loosening “frozen” corroded thread assemblies. Protects hand tools, and small machinery from corrosion. This product also keeps linkages, pivot arms and cables rust-free, lubricated and smooth running.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Lubricates to free corroded thread assemblies on: • Engine repairs • Automotive hardware • Exhaust systems • Brake assemblies • PCV valves FEATURES • VOC Compliant • Lubricates metal, plastic or rubber moving parts • Displaces moisture to dry out damp electrical parts • Helps prevent damage to fastener heads • Tested in accordance to 75/324/EEC Directive 6.1