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Assortment - Scotchbrite Roloc Disc

Sold in sets of 1

  • Roloc‚Ñ¢ attachment for quick, easy disc to tool attachment
  • Open web responds to surface irregularities without compromising the geometry the part
  • Open web is load resistant, minimizing build up and prolonging abrasive life
  • A great multi-purpose abrasive for many metals
  • Low stretch backing gives the disc added stiffness

Scotch-Brite‚Ñ¢ Roloc‚Ñ¢ Surface Conditioning Low Stretch Disc is a non-woven abrasive product used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. This versatile disc has the advantages operators have come to expect from Scotch-Brite‚Ñ¢ and Roloc‚Ñ¢ products, including responsive open web and a speedy attachment. The low stretch backing gives the disc added stiffness.

Working Hard for You
What makes our Scotch-Brite‚Ñ¢ Roloc‚Ñ¢ Surface Conditioning Low Stretch Disc equipped to tackle a variety of applications? It's a combination of mineral, backing and overall abrasive construction. The disc is available in coarse (CRS), medium (MED) and very fine (VFN) grades, so operators can choose the right grade for their application. Our Scotch-Brite open web design resists loading for longer life and consistency and offers the flexibility needed to achieve consistent results on contoured surfaces and edges without compromising the geometry of the workpiece. This means greater productivity and lower inventory costs. We engineered the disc to perform high initial and extended rates of cut, while maintaining superior edge durability. It is an excellent starting point for working on intricate details, contours, and edges to remove surface imperfections, grind lines, mill, and other marks.