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Assortment- WeatherPack 260 pcs. Housings,Term. & Seals

Sold in sets of 1

Weather Pack is an environmentally sealed electrical connection system designed to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture. Terminals are tin plated and have special core wings which allow crimp-only connections, eliminating the need for solder. The connector and cavity seals are triple-ribbed and made of self-lubricating silicone. Cavity plugs are available to fill unused cavities.

Weather Pack terminals utilize a flex-pin and lap-lock design to alleviate the problem of stress relaxation. They also have dual-locking tangs which lock into the connector cavity and help prevent backing out. Terminal plugging requires no orientation and positive indexing prevents mis-mating of connectors. Because Weather Pack provides exceptional sealing performance, it is extensively used in tough applications including construction, off-road and farm equipment